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2007年6月12日 星期二

製作動畫movie轉avi: movie2avi

Create an Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) movie from MATLAB movie


  • movie2avi(mov,filename)
  • movie2avi(mov,filename,param,value,param,value...)


  • movie2avi(mov,filename) creates the AVI movie filename from the MATLAB movie mov.
  • movie2avi(mov,filename,param,value,param,value...) creates the AVI movie filename from the MATLAB movie mov using the specified parameter settings.





An m-by-3 matrix defining the colormap to be used for indexed AVI movies, where m must be no greater than 256 (236 if using Indeo compression).

There is no default colormap.
'compression' A text string specifying the compression codec to use.

On Windows:


'Indeo5' on Windows. 'None' on UNIX.

To use a custom compression codec, specify the four-character code that identifies the codec (typically included in the codec documentation). The addframe function reports an error if it can not find the specified custom compressor.


A scalar value specifying the speed of the AVI movie in frames per second (fps). 15 fps


For compressors that support temporal compression, this is the number of key frames per second. 2 key frames per second.


A number between 0 and 100 the specifies the desired quality of the output. Higher numbers result in higher video quality and larger file sizes. Lower numbers result in lower video quality and smaller file sizes. This parameter has no effect on uncompressed movies.



A descriptive name for the video stream. This parameter must be no greater than 64 characters long. The default is the filename.